REdit – Reductionist’s Editor

A minimum of features but not less


REdit is another lightweight text editor that was created by using GTK+ toolkit. It is based on the GtkTextView widget and offers all the usual features expected from the program of this class, for the most part, in a very conventional manner. For this reason, the description can be kept short. You will find some hints about using the program in the Help.

I consider developing REdit as an experimental process and try to add some special features. REdit provides a tiny clipboard viewer that displays the very begin of the text content contained in the clipboard. You can create many views per document. To some extent, views are independent from one another, e.g. every view has the selection range and the cursor position of its own.

The program consists of one file and runs out of the box.

If you want that REdit saves the settings, create an empty file redit.conf and save it either in the directory where the program file is saved, or in the following location: ~/.config/redit/redit.conf. Here, the tilde symbol means the home directory, e.g.: /home/andrew/.config/redit/redit.conf.

1.086 K
(88 128 bytes)
Linux Mint 17 (Ubuntu 14.04)
or later
GTK+ 3.10
or later
SHA-256: 0629a89c25a300edb670c6390436ba65520a906ff5449e5717ea622a406eedab
© A. Rumyantsev, 2021