RView – Reductionist’s Image Viewer

A minimum of features but not less

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RView is another lightweight image viewer that was created by using GTK+ (GTK3) toolkit. RView offers several features usually expected from the program of this class that are implemented, for the most part, in a very conventional manner.

The set of supported image formats depends on the installed version of the library GdkPixbuf together with underlying libraries for reading image files.

RView can extract and display embedded previews from some camera RAW files: Canon (crw, cr2, cr3), Nikon (nef, nrw), Sony (srf, arw), Pentax (pef), Fujifilm (raf), Panasonic (rw2), Olympus / OM (orf), Kodak (kdc, compacts) as well as dng in general.

The dialog window Image Info displays some most important properties of the file as well as of the image, including shot data, provided the file has preserved the necessary metadata. Apart from the common format Exif, the format CIFF is supported that once was in use by Canon cameras.

The program consists of one file and runs out of the box.

If you want that RView saves settings, create an empty file rview.conf and save it either in the directory where the program file is saved, or in the following location: ~/.config/rview/rview.conf. Here, the tilde symbol means the home directory, e.g.: /home/andrew/.config/rview/rview.conf.

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GTK+ 3.10
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