Software development, a tough way


BelleVue, screenshotThis is an image viewer. Additionally to common formats, it provides various methods to display images saved in camera RAW formats, including a fast built-in RAW converter. The program can also show metadata. It supports several core image editing functions. Preview images can be generated and then displayed in a separate gallery window.


This is a viewer for GIF files, including animated GIFs. It supports a command set for playing GIF animations in various modi.


This is a clipboard viewer for text formats. Its distinguishing feature is the tiny program window, the content of which is automatically updated by changing of the clipboard content.

Vocabulary e-flashcards

This is a web application that simulates flashcards used for learning vocabulary. The application is optimized for use with any browser, a desktop or a mobile one. The current version supports three languages: English, German and Russian.

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